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Jonatan Christie: Starting a clothing business


IO – Badminton player Jonatan Christie has begun to think about life beyond the badminton court. Jojo, as he is usually called, has a business for his future. 

“So I thought that we are not as long as we are in one field. For example, I can’t be forever in badminton. I have to have plans in the future what I can do going forward, maybe one of them is to go into business,” Jojo said in an Instagram conversation with the Minister of Youth and Sports Zainuddin Amali, Saturday 13 June. 

“Clothing business. The clothing business is a business that refers to an effort to create a fashion brand,” Jojo said. The name of the clothing business that Jojo was pioneering was labeled “Satoe-Noesa” (One- Land). 

“With the name Satoe-Noesa, we want to raise the theme of Indonesia. So we want to show the world that Indonesia has something very extraordinary to offer through t-shirts,” Jojo answered. 

Jojo claimed to be introduced to badminton by his father. “I started my career at the age of six years. The first time I played badminton was in Grade 1 of Elementary School. When I stepped on the bench, every child was required to choose one extracurricular branch. Among them were badminton, basketball, and soccer. Because my father did not want my skin to turn black, he told me to take a badminton extracurricular.” 

Since then, Jojo has actively participated in inter-school championships and is often winning. Jojo also remembers his first coach, Pak Harto. After five years of training, Jojo was chosen to represent his club in a championship. In the tournament, he met Hendry Saputra, Tangkas club coach. 

“At that time, Koh Hendry saw me and said it was OK. I was tried at the club and they talked to my dad. Finally, I entered the club,” he recalls. Hendry is also now coaching at the Cipayung Badminton National Training Center. 

“After that, I participated in many national tournaments and the National Circuit. In 2013, I entered the Cipayung national training with the status of pratama (beginner) at the age of 15. At that time I was in the same rank as Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Ihsan Maulana Mustofa. Sonny Dwi Kuncoro, Simon Santoso, and Tommy Sugiarto, so there are still many, “ 

He won international tournaments. One of the first stages was the Asian Youth U-15 in Japan. Then followed by other titles including multi event. Like the champions in the men’s team at the 2015, 2017, and 2019 SEA Games. 

He also won the 2016 Asian Team Championship in 2016, 2018, and this year. At the super series level, this athlete from Jakarta successfully pocketed gold in 2019 Australian Open and New Zealand 2019. 

Jonatan never felt bullied when he didn’t even win the championship at the level of the super series or grand prix tournament. The only title he won at the time was the 2017 SEA Games champion in Malaysia. 

However, the bully whipped up Jojo’s spirit. He carved a glorious achievement by winning the men’s gold medal in the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. 

“The Asian Games are my toughest tournament. First to be playing at home and the pressure is incredible.” 

Jojo is now preparing himself for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which will be held next year. Currently, he is ranked seventh on the Road to Tokyo, his partner Anthony Sinisuka Ginting is ranked fourth. Both will be Indonesia’s hopes in the men’s singles number. 

Good luck in Tokyo and also in business, Jojo! (rp) 


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