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Jokowi to elect Attorney General from Non-partisan Candidates Surya Paloh: “That’s President’s prerogative”


IO, Jakarta – Priorities in Indonesian politics: many groups covet the comfortable seat of the Attorney General, even more than other ministerial seats. Party politicians and professionals alike seek to unseat H. M. Prasetyo, the current holder from the National Democratic (Nasional Demokrat – “NasDem”) Party. As President-Elect Joko Widodo stated in his State Address in the Annual Assembly held on Friday, 16 August 2019, he will be changing the composition of the cabinet in his second term. Among these changes is his decision to appoint an Attorney General from non-party candidates.

Furthermore, Jokowi described plans and designs for his cabinet in his second term, in his capacity as President – age range, background, and even hints of new ministries being established. In terms of age, the new cabinet will contain a number of young ministers, some even younger than 30 years of age. Furthermore, 55% of his new ministers will be professionals, while the remaining 45% will be party politicians.

In response to this statement, NasDem Party’s General Chairman Surya Paloh stated that he is fine with this decision. “Whatever the decision may be, that’s up to Mr. President,” Paloh stated at a recent House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat – “DPR”) Session. Paloh further stated that he has no idea what the structure of Jokowi’s cabinet might be like in the second term: “No, not yet. He might inform me later, or I might even be the last to know. That is also fine.”

He further stated that he is in agreement with the proposal that 55% of Jokowi’s ministers be professionals. After all, “No matter what the proportion will be, whether 25%, 35%, or 50% are professionals, that is the President’s prerogative.”

Surya stated that what Jokowi announced is similar to the great idea of Indonesia’s restoration, adhered to by NasDem. He further stated that the leaders of this country must be committed to Indonesia-centered rulings as stated by President Jokowi in his speech. Development must not be focused on a single region, but must be enjoyed by all citizens of Indonesia. (Dan)


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