Jokowi-Prabowo Urged To Reconcile – Fadli: Focus On The Lawsuit

Fadli Zon, member of National Success Team (BPN) Board of Directors. (photo: wingnetnews)

IO, Jakarta – While several influential parties have urged Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto to meet and reconcile their differences, following the 2019 Presidential Election, Fadli Zon, a member of National Success Team (BPN) Board of Directors, points out that Prabowo is still preoccupied with the lawsuit fraud, currently being considered at the Constitutional Court (MK).

“It is clear that we are still making progress in the Constitutional Court, and we are of course hoping that the Constitutional Court can honestly consider the charges lodged by the legal team, as they are currently filing evidence of various deceptions that occurred before, during and after election. We will see the verdict,” declared Fadli Zon.

Fadli once again emphasized that to submit a lawsuit to the MK on the fraudulency of the election demonstrates that Prabowo-Sandiaga strictly adhere to constitutional procedures. Fadli assured all that his team will put their best effort into winning the lawsuit. 

“I would like to state that bringing this matter to the Constitutional Court signifies that we are pursuing a constitutional path. Of course we will do our best – particularly Mr. Bambang Widjojanto and his appointed Legal Team,” he said. 

Fadli, who is also the Vice President of Gerindra, refrained from speculating about any potential meeting arrangements between Jokowi and Prabowo. According to Fadli, such a meeting would hinge on the progress of the lawsuit at the MK.

“I know nothing about this yet. After all, every dynamic is closely related to what we are now engaged in. In my opinion, there should be the opportunity to submit proof of every deception that occurred, during the current legal process,” he added. (dsy)