Jokowi invites 1998 activists to discuss land issue and the economy

Presiden Joko Widodo
(IO/Dumaz Artadi)

Meanwhile, the chairman of the association, Sahat Simatupang, stated that the team formed by President Jokowi must not benefit the land mafia.

“We believe President Jokowi’s intention is to solve the land problem in North Sumatra. But Jokowi should also know that the land mafia in North Sumatra is actually hiding behind the decision makers in the agrarian sector,” said Sahat.

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Sahat advised President Jokowi to listen to people’s complaints and not only listen to input from the North Sumatran Governor regarding land dispute resolution.

President Jokowi summoned North Sumatra Governor Edy Rahmayadi on Monday (11/7) to discuss matters related to land issues in North Sumatra. (rr)