Tuesday, September 26, 2023 | 13:40 WIB

Jokowi inaugurates the first mRNA plant in Southeast Asia


Jakarta, IO – President Joko Widodo inaugurated PT Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia Biopharmaceutical plant in Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP), Jakarta. This is the first mRNA plant to manufacture Covid-19 vaccine in Southeast Asia.

“I really appreciate what PT Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia has done in producing vaccines using the mRNA platform, and this is the first in Southeast Asia,” Jokowi said in his remarks, Monday (10/10).

He stressed the importance of having a vaccine manufacturer in the country to deal with future pandemics. “We don’t want a pandemic anymore, but if the domestic industry is ready, at least the situation will be calmer,” he said.

Jokowi also appreciated PT Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia’s speediness in producing Covid-19 vaccine. “And what I like about it is that the works are done silently. It is finished before you know it. This is the opposite from those who keeps talking, but never delivered,” he added.


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