Jokowi forms monitoring team to oversee resolution of past serious human rights violations

(Source: Setpres)

Jakarta, IO – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo formed a team to oversee the implementation of non-judicial resolutions for past serious human rights violations through Presidential Decree 4/2023 on Wednesday (15/3). The team will be led by the Secretary of the Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Ministry Lt. Gen. Teguh Pudjo Rumekso, reported Detik, Thursday (16/3).

One of the articles stated that the team will report directly to the president. The scope of the team’s duties and responsibilities are stipulated in article 3, namely: (1) to monitor, evaluate and control the implementation of Non-Judicial Resolution of Past Serious Human Rights Violations Team’s recommendations by the ministers/agency heads; and (2) report to the president at least once every six months or at any time if necessary.

On the same day, Jokowi also issued Presidential Instruction 2/2023 on the implementation of recommendations for non-judicial resolutions of past serious human rights violations. The instruction was addressed to almost all ministers in the Indonesia Forward Cabinet in addition to the three heads of law enforcement agencies: the attorney general, the TNI commander and National Police chief.

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The first point of the Presidential Instruction states that the parties concerned must take necessary coordinated measures according to their respective duties, functions and authorities to restore victims’ rights and prevent a repeat of similar incidents. (un)