Jokowi: 19,600 people die of hunger every day

Jokowi people die of hunger every day
President Jokowi presided over a meeting to improve the production of key agricultural commodities on Monday (19/9). (Source: Presidential Secretariat Press Bureau/Jay)

“The food, energy and financial crisis, the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, have led to the consequences we all see now,” said Jokowi.

A few months ago, President Jokowi went on a “peace mission” to act as a mediator between Presiden Putin and President Zelenskyy. During the meeting, Jokowi expressed his hope that the war can be ended to help restore the global economy.

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However, Jokowi went home empty-handed. He later concluded that the war is not likely to end soon. “After a 2.5-hour meeting with President Putin, plus a 1.5-hour of meeting with President Zelenskyy, I came to the conclusion that the war will not end soon. It will take a long time,” Jokowi said. (rr)