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Jimin “BTS”, first South Korea soloist topping the Billboard Hot 100


Jakarta, IO – Jimin “BTS” is officially the first South Korean soloist topping the Billboard Hot 100 with his song, “Like Crazy”. “Jimin’s “Like Crazy” blasts in at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, marking his first leader – and the first for a member of superstar South Korean pop group BTS. He’s also the first South Korean solo artist to lead the list,” declared Billboard’s official webpage on Wednesday (05-04- 2023). 

This position was due to the high number of online sales and streaming of the song, as well as radio broadcasts. “Like Crazy” reached 10 million streams and 64,000 radio broadcasts just in its debut week. Its sales also defeated that of the Taylor Swift 19 November 2022 massive hit, “Anti Hero”. 

Jimin has reason to be happy and proud of this achievement – and he shared these positive feelings through his official personal Instagram account, @j.m. He uploaded a screen shot of the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 10 songs, with his track proudly topping the chart, with the caption “Love u all, ♥”. This love is naturally directed to his fans, BTS fans, fellow BTS members, his family – and everyone else who have supported him thus far. 

The young singer, born 3 October 1995, officially released his debut solo album FACE on 24 March 2023. The album’s six songs are “Face-off”, “Interlude: Dive”, “Like Crazy”, “Alone”, “Set Me Free Pt.2”, and “Like Crazy (English Version)”. Other than having the single “Like Crazy” at the top of the Billboard List, the album FACE made it to number two album in the Billboard 200. In an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine released in the March 2023 edition, Jimin admitted that he was initially unsure about releasing his solo debut album. However, his bandmates at BTS convinced him that he has what it takes. 

In the interview, Jimin went on to reveal that the seed for the album germinated soon after a BTS concert in Las Vegas last year. At the time, he felt stifled because he could not express the emotions that he felt during the pandemic and between BTS tours. “I was thinking things like, ‘Why am I living like this? What am I doing right now?’” he said. When he admitted it to his band members, they comforted him and told him that what he was going through was “normal”. Being musicians, they naturally suggested that he used music to express these crippling emotions. 


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