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Jeremy Morgan Isman and Aldrin Ong: Connecting tennis lovers with TRAINME


 IO – The two young tennis lovers, Jer­emy Morgan Isman and Aldrin Ong, met on the tennis court. Not long after, they partnered in several dou­bles tournaments, and their friend­ship continued outside the court. They then decided to create an an­droid-based app to connect tennis lovers so they could train together. The app is called TRAINME.

“TRAINME connects players to players, or players with coaches to train together. If they get along, they can continue on the tennis court,” said Jeremy (16), who is currently a senior in SMA National High Jakarta School, while Aldrin is a sophomore in British School Jakarta.

On Friday, September 20, the two students signed an agreement with the Indonesian Tennis Associ­ation Central Board (PP Pelti) in PP Pelti Complex Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta. The students are working together with the Indonesian Tennis Association as the TRAINME application will have information on national tournaments and rankings.

“This app will help tennis players find appropriate coaches for their needs and vice versa. Meanwhile, tennis players can also find appro­priate sparring partners to train,” said Aldrin.

Since its launch, the application, which has options to find coaches, sparring partners, an event calendar, and tennis rankings has been down­loaded by more than 300 users. As the creators of TRAINME, Jeremy and Aldrin are on a roadshow touring na­tional tennis tournaments to adver­tise their new app.

“We hope that TRAINME can con­tinue to grow in the future, especial­ly as now all teenagers, including tennis players, are familiar with an­droid-based apps and handphones are very affordable and are owned by almost everyone,” said Jeremy, who also manages tennis training for the underprivileged in West Jakarta.

Jeremy and Aldrin love informa­tion technology. The two even plan on continuing their studies in the field after high school.

As the central tennis organization in Indonesia, PP Pelti has welcomed the launch of the app.

“We are very grateful and sup­port all efforts by anyone to advance tennis in Indonesia. Especially, TRAINME which has been created by Indonesians who also happen to be tennis players,” said PP Pelti Secre­tary-General Lani Pradipta Sardadi.

If you are looking for someone to train with, or need a coach, download the TRAINME application. “We have visited all the tournaments. It turns out the enthusiasm is quite big. We want to develop the Indonesian ten­nis community through this applica­tion,” said Jeremy. (rp)


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