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jeJamuran Yogyakarta, Delicious mushroom dishes


IO – A plate of scrumptious rendang is served before our very eyes. Chunks of meat covered with a mixture of brown coconut milk and rendang spices. Spicy and creamy, the rendang meat appearing more delicate than usual. Hold on! The meat was not beef at all; the rendang meat was, in fact, made of oyster mushroom. Oyster mushroom rendang indeed.

The ravishing dish is one of the chef’s signatures in jeJamuran, a restaurant in Sleman, Yogyakarta, which, based on the name, practically tells us the main ingredient in the restaurant: mushroom. jeJamuran serves a wide variety of at least 20 delightful mushroom dishes.

In addition to Mushroom Rendang, jeJamuan also offers mushroom Satay. The first bite of the mushroom satay instantly gave a taste of juicy chicken satay. We hardly believed that the skewered chicken-taste-like meat was actually oyster mushroom. The peanut-based sauce complements the tasty mushroom satay along with the hot rice.

Mushroom satay
Mushroom satay and other tempting mushroom dishes. Photo: Nurvita Indarini

Another must-try jeJamuran dish is mushroom tongseng; oyster mushroom cooked in boiled coconut gravy broth and some vegetables, chilies, and tomatoes give a slightly spicy sensation to the creamy mushroom tongseng.

If you favor a vegetable touch in your mushroom dish, try the sautéed water spinach. jeJamuran’s savory and fairly spicy sautéed water spinach is served with brown mushroom, slices of shallots and garlic. Nice indeed!

Mushroom dishes are not complete without eminent mushroom soup, but this is a different kind of mushroom soup. The clear soup in a bowl contains chunks of broccoli, carrot, tomato, and mushroom, a fresh and healthy choice of dish for a change.

Mushroom Rendang
jeJamuran’s Mushroom Rendang. Photo: Nurvita Indarini

jeJamuran gives you two fried mushrooms to taste; the crispy fried oyster mushroom and “crispy outside and juicy inside” – Portabella mushroom. You may also dip the crispy mushroom in the hot sauce for more kick in the mouth.

Feel like satiating your snacking appetite? jeJamuran also has mushroom croquette, mushroom fried spring rolls and mushroom stuffed pancake that will probably arouse a serious addiction in you, dear reader.

jeJamuran also provides grilled and fried chicken with its tasty sambal for those who are not fans of mushrooms.

Refreshing drinks
jeJamuran has a wide selection of refreshing thirst-quenchers: various fruit juices, soda drinks and other unique cold and hot drinks.

Geronimo is one of the most recommended drinks in jeJamuran, a glass of orange juice with additional ginger and mint drops, served on ice for extra freshness. With its sweet and sour taste, Es Kunyit Asem (sweet and sour turmeric extract) will entertain your palate with the traditional taste of jamu. A healthy and refreshing choice to spend on a bright sunny afternoon. Turmeric is known to improve blood circulation.

Refreshing Geronimo drink
Refreshing Geronimo drink. Photo: Nurvita Indarini

Summer breeze is also a sweet and sour choice of orange punch drink with enoki mushroom inside. Won’t you find a mushroom in your drink fascinating?

All the drinks will compliment your mushroom meals, priced at around IDR 13,000 to IDR 17,000. Foods are also reasonably affordable, starting from IDR 14,000 to a maximum of IDR 40,000. Mushroom rendang costs IDR 20,000, Tongseng Jamur is slightly cheaper at IDR 18,000.

As other restaurants, jeJamuran in Niron, Pandowoharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta requires you to follow the government’s safety protocols. Before coming to the restaurant, reserve a place and choose a specific menu in advance to avoid a long queue for the food to serve on the table.

Don’t forget to reserve a place and menu in advance, so you need not have to wait long for the food to be served on the table. (Nur)


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