Jeff Bernat’s 2024 Asia Tour


Jakarta, IO – Get ready! Jeff Bernat, a Filipino American R&B singer, has officially announced his first “Asia Tour 2024” around several Asian countries, including Indonesia. Otello Asia, as Jeff Bernat’s promoter, will organize the concert at Bengkel Space, SCBD, Jakarta, on March 3, 2024. 

That’s right, folks! Following his Indonesia tour back in 2019, Jeff Bernat wishes to return to Indonesia for his first Asia Tour, which also marks his first solo concert. 

Jeff Bernat has collaborated with South Korean musician McKay for “Angel 2 Me,” which resulted in a considerable fanbase building up in South Korea. He is popular for his song “Call You Mine.” 

Bernat has over 2 million monthly Spotify listeners and his videos are streamed nearly one billion times worldwide. His debut album phenomenally ranked 5th on iTunes within a day, and his music was featured in the Oscar-winning film ‘Birdman.’ 

“Otello Asia is proud to present Jeff Bernat in a solo concert in Indonesia as part of his first Asia Tour. Jeff Bernat has many fans in Indonesia, South Korea, and Asia in general. For his 2024 Asia Tour, Jeff Bernat will perform at Bengkel Space, SCBD, Jakarta, on March 3, 2024. This should be a joyous moment for his fans, who have been longing for his concert,” said Sysan Ibrahim, CEO of Otello Asia. 

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“Jeff Bernat’s Asia Tour will present an intimate atmosphere in an indoor venue with limited audience capacity. So, you better book your concert tickets before they run out,” added Sysan. 

Are you ready for a live performance of “Situations,” “Just Vibe,” “Cruel,” and other Bernat’s hits before your very eyes? (des/ast)