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Jatibarang Kidul bridge: Rider supporting local life


IO – Rider Underwear’s holding company PT Mulia Knitting Factory has been focusing its business on undergarments since 1955. Founded by Phan Tjen Kong, PT Mulia Knitting Factory has been passed on from generation to generation. Under the management of Max Mulyadi Supangkat, Henry Supangkat and now Hanan Supangkat, the Company has been thriving, working in excellence for 66 years to maintain its quality and innovation.

As its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Rider started the year by distributing benefts to the local people, building a bridge crossing connecting villages in Jatibarang Kidul town, Brebes Region, Central Java. Hanan Supangkat, as President Director, inaugurated the Rider Bridge on Sunday, January 16, 2022, on the occasion of the formal completion of construction. The bridge will be very convenient for the local people to use.

The inauguration ceremony was done in compliance with the safety protocols and simple procedures. The President Director delivered a well-accepted speech and residents’ testimonials, prayers, and signing of the symbol of the company and society’s collaboration by Hanan Supangkat himself followed, coupled with remarked from local officials.

The Company chose to build the Rider Bridge in Jatibarang Kidul village since the damaged bridge, made of bamboo and only strong enough for one person to cross, had been made dangerous by foods. The current Rider Bridge is built of solid, massive concrete and enough for even motorbikes to cross.

The bridge is expected to help and support local activities between villages and improve the economy in the far future.

Constructing the Rider Bridge is a wonderful way for the Company to start the year, with beneficial activities as an expression of social support.


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