Jasmine Surkatty: Volleyball in comic stories

Jasmine Surkatty and Director of Proliga, Hanny S. Surkatty. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – There is something new in the implementation of 2020 Proliga volleyball competition. Comic artists known through the “Komik Gak Jelas” program, Jasmine Surkatty will collaborate, giving visualization about volleyball with the comic headline of Cekal (Cerita Kamis Voli – Story of Thursday Volleyball).
“This comic previously existed and appeared on Instagram @komikgajelas. However, at that time it had not yet reached of their official stage. Only part of social media. Today, we have entered it officially,” said CEO and Lead Creative @komikgajelas Jasmine H Surkatty when launching Proliga 2020 at PBVSI Office (Persatuan Bola Voli Seluruh Indonesia – All Indonesia Volleyball Association), Wednesday 15 January.
“We used a new character which represents Indonesian volleyball players. We also hope to not only make this as a comic book.”
Jasmine and team planned to create merchandise from the character she made on “cekal”, and the character could be used for promotion, including its musical video.
“The goal is that there is a mascot from Proliga 2020 that can be enjoyed by all classes of people. Actually, we more want to express our pleasure since we did not know before and also for those Volivers who are still new in general,” said Jasmine.
“It turns out that through research, we fall in love and want to know more about volleyball. We also want to share that joy through comics.”
“I came to a volleyball match several times and saw the crowd’s excitement during the Proliga match. It was awesome and I was carried away by the crowd,” Jasmine said.
“If football everyone already knows about offsides and so on, while volleyball turns out that there are a lot of rules and many other procedures. Why is this called spike, smash and what is it that makes it interesting to dig further. Besides, there has never been any Indonesian comics about volleyball, at most there is only about football. “
Jasmine explained that two years ago she spoke with PBVSI, who expressed an interest in pursuing additional social media.
“We came with an idea on how we might make a comic. But, in the last two years, our partnership is only in the terms of where will we lead this. This year, we already planned thoroughly and there is a way to be side by side with Proliga. We made one theme.”
Jasmine hopes that the comic will make volleyball fans know better that volleyball is not just a match. However, it can invite new viewers who do not understand volleyball.
“So far we have carried out research based on guidebooks about Indonesian volleyball matches and through direct matches in Proliga before,” said Jasmine.
“Of course, I ask the committee directly too. Maybe in the future, we can research again by meeting with the players and volleyball coaches in person.”
Jasmine’s relationship with Proliga is actually quite close. Jasmine is the daughter of Proliga Director Hanny S. Surkatty. (rp)