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Jakarta seawall prone to fissure, breach from rising sea level


Jakarta, IO – The condition of the seawall on the coast of Muara Baru, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, which functions as coastal defense from storm surge is at risk of collapse. Cracks have appeared on several sections of the embankment. Reported Kompas, Tuesday (29/11).

In fact, the wall has been leaking, causing 5-10 cm flood along the coast. The water gives out foul odor because it is mixed with plastic and food waste. The cracks have so far been inadequately patched with concrete blocks.

Behind the seawall, the sea level has been about 1.5 meters higher than the land surface. According to the Public Works and Housing Ministry’s Ciliwung-Cisadane Flood Control Office (BBWSCC), the seawall has limited lifespan, reported Antara, Tuesday (29/11).

BBWSCC head T. Iskandar said the seawall can last between 50-100 years. The seawall in Muara Baru is 2.3-km long built with K600-quality concrete balls with a diameter of 1.2 meters and a length of 24 meters.

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However, given what is happening to the seawall today, the government has reassessed the age of the seawall. A number of major improvements must be made so that residents living near the coastline can remain safe from rising sea level. (rr)


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