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Jakarta named one of the world’s smart cities, here’s why


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, infamous for its traffic jams and air pollution, has in fact made it into the list of global smart cities according to The Smart City Observatory, reported CNBC Indonesia, Friday (7/4).

According to Smart City Index (SCI), Jakarta ranks 102nd out 141 surveyed due to several factors, namely access to medical services, quality education, and job opportunities on top of perceived good transportation system and ease of access to public information.

“SCI 2023 assesses residents’ perceptions on issues related to the structure and application of technology in their city. There are two main criteria, namely city infrastructure and technology services in society,” it wrote.

However, the research also noted several priorities that need to be improved, namely air pollution, traffic jams and corruption.

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Meanwhile, neighboring Singapore managed to become the only country in Southeast Asia to enter the top ten, keeping its 7th position for three consecutive years. The smartest city is Zurich, Switzerland which has maintained its title for the fourth year in a row. (bp)


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