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Jakarta concludes Dream Theater shows


Jakarta, IO – The long-awaited day had finally arrived. Ecopark Ancol Jakarta became the last stop and witnessed the end of Dream Theater’s “Top of the World Tour”. The lively concert, playing at the center of Ecopark Ancol Island, started at 8 p.m.. It was presented differently from the previous Indonesian tour in Solo, Central Java, in August 2022. 

For two hours, John Petrucci, Mike Mangini, James LaBrie, John Myung, and Jordan Rudess performed stunningly. The show started with a number of musical and visual arrangements. They sang dozens of their hits, including “The Alien,” “Sleeping Giant,” “6:00,” “Bridges in the Sky,” “Caught in a Web,” Answering the Call,” and “Count of Tuscany.” 

While around 5000 people attended the concert, the concert managed to stay intimate and full of warmth for Dream Theater fans. Anas Alimi, the founder of Rajawali Indonesia, said that he was very excited to bring Dream Theater back to Indonesia, especially before their world tour series ended. 

“This is just as the Dream Theater fans requested. I simply hope that the concert amused everyone and stimulated our music performance industry” said Anas. 

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Tovic Raharja, Chief Director of Rajawali Indonesia, also thanked all crews and related parties for enabling the concert to run well. “Finally, Dream Theater’s closing concert went well. The Dream Theater management was very cooperative in everything related to production communication and Dream Theater technical riders; all are available in Jakarta,” he explained. 

Tovic was glad to have hosted the audience superbly, according to international concert standards: decent toilets, food and drink courts in the concert area, and Dream Theater merchandise. (des/ast)


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