Jakarta and Cirebon’s most wanted chicken noodles

Mie Ayam
Pecel Noodles of Kedai Bakmi Bu Far with Pecel sauce seasoning, imported directly from Madiun, East Java. (Source: Freddy Wally)

Jakarta, IO – Chicken noodles has been a widely popular Indonesian dish for hundreds of years. It is easily found with a variety of chicken flavor toppings and side dishes. Chicken noodles, commonly found all across Indonesia, are a fusion of Indonesian and Chinese dishes that are closely related to the Chinese cultural assimilation with Indonesia. 

Chicken noodles are made from seasoned yellow wheat noodles, topped with diced chicken meat, sometimes with a mix of mushrooms and with sliced spring onions and mustard greens. Chicken noodle seller warung have mushroomed over the years, as this is one of the most desired dishes for all kinds of meals. The varied toppings range widely, based on the local culinary taste. 

Kedai Bakmi Bu Far, serving chicken noodles with additional Singaporean fish cakes as its signature dish. (Source: Freddy Wally)

Independent Observer invites you to explore two famous chicken noodles in Jakarta and Cirebon. Both chicken noodles offer unique taste, with noodles self-made by the owner. Both are interesting and recommended culinary options to engage your weekend. 

Bu Far Noodle’s Stall 

Located in the Kedoya area, West Jakarta, precisely in the Prisma Kedoya Sports Club, this halal-guaranteed chicken noodle stall was founded back in 2019. We met the founder, Andrie Firsan. “This noodle recipe is inherited from my mother. My mother used to make us chicken noodles when we were little. I was inspired to open a stall,” said Andrie. 

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The noodles were homemade in order to preserve the quality of the taste and ingredients. “Had we bought the noodles, we would not have been able to control the composition and ingredients.” 

Andrie expressed that the authentic, hygienic and flavorsome noodles offered with fish cakes as toppings differentiate Bu Far’s chicken noodles from the rest. Six variants of chicken noodle flavors to entice your tastebuds: Original Chicken Noodles, Yamin Noodles, Cakalang Noodles, Pecel Noodles, Tek-Tek Noodles and Fried Yamin Noodles.