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Jakarta administration bans discotheques and massage parlors from operating during Ramadan


Jakarta, IO – Entertainment venues in Jakarta are officially prohibited from operating during the holy month of Ramadan as per decree issued by the Jakarta Provincial Administration on Thursday (23/3).

Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency head Andhika Permata said the ban will be effective for the next 30 days and will apply to most entertainment venues, including massage parlors, bars and nightclubs, reported Detik, Thursday (23/3).

However, exception will be given to bars, nightclubs and discotheques within the premises of at least 4-star hotels. Exception also applies to entertainment venues in commercial areas which are not near residential areas, houses of worship, schools or hospitals.

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These entertainment venues must comply with the operating hours rule set out in the circular issued on March 21. Andhika said the measure aims to help maintain conducive situation during the fasting month. (un)


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