Friday, September 22, 2023 | 06:19 WIB

“Jagat Arwah” movie presents horror atmosphere and taboo in Java


Jakarta, IO – Thriller, horror, and mystery flick “Jagat Arwah” will soon be released in Indonesian cinemas on September 29. The film tells about Raga’s journey, offers a occult atmosphere with a touch of fantasy and highlight some taboos in Java which, if ignored, can lead to catastrophe.

The taboos include Mangan Ndisiki Wong Tuo (eating before parents), the crow is a bad omen and whistling at night can invite kuntilanak (female ghost with long hair), Antara reported on Wednesday (28/9).

Meanwhile, from the horror side, this film is said to feature a classy CGI effect. Even though there are many CGI-generated scenes, the players still gave their best acting on the big screen.


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