J-Roid Team receives third-place award: 75 Pancasila Achievement Icons

Firmansyah Putra Satria, representing his team, accepting the third-place award. (Photo: UB Doc.)

IO, Malang – The joint team of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University, Malang, East Java, was chosen to be one of the 75 Pancasila Achievement icons in the science category based on the Decree of BPIP RI Number 76 of 2020. The team, consisting of Firmansyah Putra Satria, Bagas Priyo Hadi Wibowo and Ahmad Fathan Halim from Faculty of Engineering, also Annisa Istighfari R. Hernanda and Yurike Putri from Faculty of Medicine, made ⁣J-Roid, a jacket to balance the body temperature based on Android for Hypothermia-Hyperthermia sufferers. 

This is the third time J-Roid Team received a prestigious award. Previously, the J-Roid Team won the Student Innovation Competition ITB held by the IEEE Foundation with the theme Health And Technologies for A Resilient Community Against Disasters on November 22, 2018. Second, this work also won a gold medal at the 10th International Exhibition of Inventions (IEI) & The 3rd World Invention and Innovation Forum (WIIF) 2018 in Foshan, China. ⁣The Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP) awarded 75 Icons of Appreciation for 2020 Pancasila Achievements online. The Awarding Night was broadcast live through the national television station, TVRI on Saturday, August 29, 2020. 

To UB’s Humas Relations, Tuesday (1/9/2020), Firmansyah, on behalf of the team, thanked BPIP as a forum of appreciation for young people throughout Indonesia with their innovations. He also encouraged Indonesian students and young people to continue to innovate and make the nation proud. 

“Never get tired for being Indonesian, and never get tired to innovate. If it’s not us who else, if not now, then when?” concluded the student who graduated in January 2020. (*)