Iwa K sings new cover of Bebas with 3 young singers

(photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – A massive hit in the 90’s, rapper Iwa K’s legendary song, Bebas (“Free”), is re-released. Iwa collaborates with young singers Sheryl Sheinafia, Maizura and Agatha Pricilla. The collaboration between the senior rapper and young singers brings a fresh twist to an old favorite.

The song Bebas (new version) is the theme song of the new film Bebas directed by Riri Riza. In the movie, Maizura, Sheryl Sheinafia, Agatha Pricilla, and others are members of a teen gang called the “Geng Bebas” (“Freedom Gang”). “We underwent a long process in selecting the theme song for the movie, even before it has a working title. Due to the demands of the story, any theme song of the 90’s we choose will name the title of the movie itself,” he said.

“After a long discussion, Riri and I decided on the song Bebas by Iwa K,” Mira Lesmana, the movie’s producer said. “Riri and I are big fans of Iwa K, and we really love the original Bebas released in 1994. When we (Mira and Gina S Noer) were working on Bebas’ screenplay, it occurs to me that the song should have a new version. Musica Studio and Iwa K enthusiastically received the idea. They then rearranged Bebas (new version) to be sung with the cast of the movie, who also happen to be able to sing,” she said.

Sheryl expressed her happiness at the chance to cover one of her old favorite songs. “When I first met with Mr. Iwa K, I was very happy. I’ve covered the song Bebas a lot in the past year, even before I landed the role,” she said.

Like Sheryl, Maizura is also very excited, happy, and satisfied with the end result of the new Bebas despite the troubles she had. “Bebas (new version) has some new verses that was not in the original Bebas. Because I am so used to listening Iwa K rap out in the song, when it’s my turn to do my own rap version because I could not imagine how it would be. However, I really enjoyed the process and it didn’t take me too long to adjust the character of the song to my way of singing,” she said.

The movie Bebas was adapted from the South Korean box office movie titled Sunny. The both Bebas and Sunny show the contrast of two different eras, now (the 2010’s) and the 1990’s. Bebas the movie was released on 3 October 2019, while the song Bebas (New Version) is available on all digital music platforms starting 3 September 2019.