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ITS students win short film competition in World Education Expo Indonesia 2018


IO, Surabaya – Priyo Hadi, Dimas Putra, Tyjani Robit, and Aprilia Wa­hyu, founders of the KiPS production house and Sepuluh Nopember In­stitute of Technology Surabaya (ITS) Instrumentation Engineering Depart­ment students have won first prize in the World Education Expo Indonesia (WEEI) 2018 Short Film Competition. Their film titled Saturna beat out two other short films in the Awarding Grand Final in Sheraton Hotel Sura­baya (16/9/2018).

Saturna raised the topic of air pol­lution in Indonesia. Priyo Hadi stated that the idea came about after seeing the dirty rivers in Surabaya. “I tried to imagine what it would be like if it was like this is tens or hundreds of years in the future,” said Priyo, a KiPS producer.

The story surrounded a girl named Saturna who lived in the year 2218 and had lost her parents as a result of fatal air pollution, leaving her and her younger sibling behind. Soon af­ter, Saturna’s younger sibling also died as a result of the increasingly bad pollution, pushing Saturna travel backwards in time. After she arrives she meets someone who can change the future. “This film was made to re­mind those of us who still do not care about air pollution,” said Priyo.

Priyo, who also helped write the script of Saturna said that this was the first film produced by KiPS. He needed three days to ready the script, four days to shoot, and two days to edit. “I did everything in my spare time as a university student. The ac­tress was a friend of mine from the same department; in total there were six actors,” he added.

According to Priyo the most mem­orable moment was on the last day of shooting where they had to move between three locations. Priyo, who also likes to write, said that in order to get a good backdrop, he and his team had to run up eleven floors to the roof.

However, it was not for nothing Priyo admits, as they successfully won first prize and he had a chance to meet his idols, Morgan and Robert Ronny, well-known producers who acted as juries during competition. A good film, said Priyo imitating the jury’s words, must be able to convey a message visually with little dialogue. (ITS)

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