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ITS students take award at 2020 Himakom Udayana Invention with “Grobak”


IO, Surabaya – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) continues to show capable innovation in its academic hands for Indonesia’s advancement. This time, the student team of the Department of Informatics ITS succeeded in realizing their creativity with the development of “Grobak”, a digital-based application for food distribution to alleviate food waste problems in Indonesia. 

Starting with the curiosity to compete during academic loads, Bagas Immanuel, Calvin Wijaya, and Muhamad Rifaldi were interested in honing their skills in the realm of software development. “We started with Calvin, then invited Rifaldi to join, because he is good at design; thus, we formed this Goldfish team,” said Bagas Immanuel, the team leader, in the release received by Independent Observer, Friday (7/17/2020). 

Regarding the background in designing ideas for the creation of this application, Bagas explains that his invention refers to the goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030. “The second goal in the SDGs 2030 is zero hunger; one of the challenges that make it difficult to reach the goal is the amount of wasted food,” said the student of 2018. 

Based on reports from the Food Security Agency (Badan Ketahanan Pangan “BKP”) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesian food reach now is reaching 300 kilograms per capita annually. This high volume of food waste in Indonesia has inspired Bagas and his team to create the “Grobak” application to reduce this food waste problem. 

Regarding its working system, Bagas revealed that Grobak’s application works by linking raw food distributors with houses through vegetable builders. In this case, each house can order the ingredients that it wants to cook one day before; these will be delivered by the courier the next day. “This facility can divert people’s preference to preferential to cook by themselves rather than buying outside,” he said. 

Bagas added the Grobak app also has complementary features such as cooking inspiration based on trends, the ingredients needed, and the quantity of each ingredient to make a meal. “By knowing the amount of material needed, we can reduce the potential of food waste produced,” he explained. 

The Grobak app also has an interesting feature: a recipe that allows users to buy bundles or all materials in one cooking recipe. There is also macro nutritional information contained in the description. “Some of these features we prepared so a target user can refer to it for their daily needs,” said the student from Lumajang. 

Speaking again about the process of creating this application, Muhamad Rifaldi, one of the team members, said that there is task distribution in his team including app interface designer, user interface, and user experience. “Meanwhile, Bagas is responsible for compiling research reports based on case studies, and Calvin is responsible for programming applications that have been designed to be a representative application to be contested,” explained this student from Tangerang. 

The application designed for the Software Development competition at 2020 Himakom Udayana Invention has won second place. With this experience, Bagas and the team made it a point to sharpen their skills in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) development. “Later on, with additional design in terms of business, we plan to develop this Grobak application for another competition,” he concluded. (*/est) 


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