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ITS students represent Indonesia to study Industrial Revolution 4.0


IO, Surabaya – With the current rapid technological development, the world has now entered the 4th era of Industrial Revolution known as the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Digital economic patterns, artificial intelligence, robots, and so forth are the ones that will be emphasized in the future of industrial manufacturing process.

Facing those challenges, the Presidential Office (KSP) initiated the youth movements to prepare for Industrial Revolution 4.0, as seven outstanding students from several campuses have been selected to represent Indonesia at several world-class industry exhibition and technology conferences (23/4). Among those seven, two came from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) are, Regia Puspitasari and Dhany Satrio Wicaksono.

In the field of industrial technology, Regia Puspitasari with two other students from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) were sent to Hannover Messe, the world’s largest technology exhibition relating to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 on April 23-28, 2018, in the city of Hannover, Germany.

The ITS Chemistry student said the Hannover Industrial Technology exhibition is an event held annually by involving 6,500 participants of reputable companies from 70 countries. He also said that the advancement of German technology civilization has made the country a benchmark for technological developments in the world. “Germany is the one that started Industrial Revolution 4.0,” said the ITS category winner of Students Achievement Awards (Mawapres) when contacted before his departure on Monday (23/4).

A Malang girl, who is also believed to be General Manager of ITS Spektronics Team, said that after attending the event, Dhany and herself will share knowledge about technological development that has been applied in the western world. Hopefully, with their return, the knowledge can be shared especially with other fellow academics.

Meanwhile, Dhany Satrio Wicaksono, who is also head of ITS Ichiro Team with two other selected students, will attend The AI Expo Europe on June 25th – 30th in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This event is part of the annual largest exhibition and seminar of the “Internet of Things”, which will explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) benefits for business and digital platforms. Exhibition themes and seminar topics include data analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, AI algorithm, and virtual assistant data.

The student, who is familiarly called Dhany, explained that AI is the customizable intelligence that is created and put into a machine or computer in order to do the work the way human beings do. “Ability to answer troubleshoot diagnostics and customer questions, planning and scheduling, controlling, as well as handwriting, voice and face recognition are the examples,” said Dhany.

He said all industrial process relating to Industrial Revolution 4.0 will be manufactured by robots. Thereby, enabling production efficiency and accuracy. “By using robots, the number of defective products due to human error in the production process will be decreased,” said the Bondowoso student.

The ITS Automation Engineering student said that people’s extensive concerns about robots being assigned to replace humans at work is wrong. “Human resources will have other fields to do, which robots cannot interfere. Of course, every robot needs treatment. Elevating educational standard of Indonesian people to the highest level is the true challenge,” said Dhany.

For additional information, this program has selected two students from ITS, a pair from UGM, and three ITB representatives. This step is one of the youth outreach approaches as President Joko Widodo once conveyed to face Industrial Revolution 4.0. (ITS)


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