ITS Karting Club wins at Go-kart National Championship

Machine ITS Karting Club team, after winning two trophies at the 2020 National Gokart Eshark Rok Cup Championship. (Photo: ITS)

IO, Surabaya – Good news comes from students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya, who are members of the Machine ITS Karting Club (MKC): they who have won the National Championship Gokart Eshark Rok Cup 2020 Round 3 and 4. Through this prestigious event, MKC, as a representative from East Java, won two achievements at the same time in two categories in the event, which was held at the Sentul International Karting Circuit, Bogor, Saturday and Sunday, September 5-6, 2020. 

The National Gokart Championship is a racing event organized by Fast Track Speedzone. In this competition, there are several categories based on age and machine type, from cadet to senior class. “The categories we are participating in are Shifter University and Shifter 150 classes because they are still under one regulation and the specifications are the same, but for the calculation of podium points are different,” said Aprilia Ayu Wandari, MKC Non-Technical Division, in a release received by the Independent Observer, Friday (9/11/2020). 

It takes about two weeks for MKC to prepare for the competition. Even in only a short time, they managed to bring home two trophies at once. Driven by Ishlah Muhammad Rahman, the ITS team machine won 5th place in the Shifter 150 class and 2nd place in the Shifter University class in Round 3. For Round 4, it was ranked 5th in the Shifter 150 class and 3rd in the Shifter University class. 

“We evaluate the previous round first, then make changes and developments in parts that are deemed less than optimal, especially in the engine,” she said. 

The team used a Kosmic Mercury MY15 frame with the Ninja R 150 KIS engine which had been ported in several parts to improve engine performance and adapt to the racer character. Not only the gokarts but racers also have to make some preparations before plunging into the track. 

Aprilia said that being a driver must be physically and mentally prepared. “The most important thing is to maintain a diet and take multivitamins to maintain stamina and stay in shape for two days while the race is taking place.” 

This competition consists of five sessions, namely warm-up session, Qualifying Time Trial, heat, pre-final, and final. The team had experienced problems before the final. “In Round 3 the brake locking bolt was broken, but we tried our best so that the gokart did not lose its brake function. We drilled and cut new threads that fit the bolt.” 

Furthermore, Aprilia said that by the time Round 4 was approaching the final, engine performance suddenly dropped drastically in the pre-final session when viewed in terms of average lap times achieved. “We were forced to lower the engine and carry out a thorough check, starting from the fuel intake, ignition, and so on,” she said. 

After learning from existing experiences, they hope that in the future they can be even better, both from a technical and non-technical perspective. “We will always strive to produce racers who are ready to compete, as well as getting more and more accomplished to bring ITS to be a national karting champion,” she added. (est)