ITB the secondbest in Indonesia on THE ranking

ITB currently has foreign-born lecturers teaching in several faculties. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Bandung – Times Higher Education has released world university ranking 2020. Several universities in Indonesia are listed, and ITB is given a 1001+ position in the world and the second-best in Indonesia.

Vice-Rector of Research, Innovation, and Partnership of ITB, Prof. Bambang Riyanto Trilaksono said that one of the important indicators in THE ranking is International Outlook. In that regard, ITB needs more education or research programs that involve overseas students and lecturers.

According to Bambang, international programs such as student exchange, summer courses, field study and many other activities that involve overseas students are important to widen their experiences.

“The significance of involving overseas students is to give our students the experience to interact with foreign ones. Since working places are getting more global, interaction and this cross-culture are important for students,” he said, Wednesday (25/9/2019).

In order to enhance international outlook, ITB has conducted joint research and joint education with overseas researchers and will continue to improve over time. ITB currently has overseas lecturers teaching in several faculties or visit ITB for short course.

On the newest release, ITB’s ranking has dropped in the last two years, as ITB always sat around 800-1000. The methodology that THE uses on their ranking are citations (30%), research (30%), teaching (30%), industry income (2.5%), and international outlook (7.5%). This year, ITB received scores in Teaching (22.0), Research (16.7), Citations (16.3), Industry Income (89.9) and International Outlook (34.0).

Improvement of Citations
Bambang added that the number of citations is a challenge for universities in Indonesia. The number of citations itself indicates how frequent others cited ITB’s publication. “It shows the influence or impact of publications. The more ours are cited by other publications, the bigger the impact is. It means that the added value to the publication is also better,” he said.

The next important factor on THE ranking is reputation, since both Teaching and Research indicators include the component of reputation survey. He hopes that ITB will score better on every indicator of THE ranking, and that will require the contribution of all stakeholders of ITB.