ITB students collect 1 gold and 2 bronze medals in 2019 GemasTIK

The ITB team are with their medals. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Bandung – Students of ITB accomplished great feats as they won 1st place in Programming, 3rd place in ICT Business Development, and 3rd place in Data Mining in GemasTIK 2019 in Telkom University, Bandung, at the end of last October. 

GemasTIK is a program initiated by Directorate General Belmawa of Kemenristekdikti (now Kemenristek/BRIN and Kemendikbud) with the aim of enhancing competitiveness of Indonesian students, so that they will be agents of change in the advancement of ICT and its utilization. 

This year’s GemasTIK raised the theme “ICT for Excellent National Competitiveness”. In this competition, participants were tested with various case studies in each division, in order to create the most effective and efficient solution. 

In programming, participants are tested on their capability and logic in completing an assigned computer task, in order to solve an assigned problem. Participants during the match were provided with descriptions of their tasks. Within 3-5 hours, they should submit as many programs that can tackle each problem as they can write. 

Each program should be able to answer a provided case precisely within a limited time. Hence, in addition to speed of writing the program, participants are required to find/use algorithms and data structures that are precise and efficient. The programming languages used were C, C++, and Java. 

In data mining, participants were required to work on big data which is open for the public on validated websites. The next step for participants is to visualize the results of their data mining so that it might be useful for the community. 

ICT Business Development is a business model development competition for ICT products. This division gave opportunities to participants with prospective ideas in business, startup, and development of ICT product-oriented enterprises, in areas of both goods and services. 

The competition will select business development ideas and present them in an executive summary of the first stage, then a business plan in the second stage, and product competition, accompanied by business projections. In this category, a team from ITB developed an iValve that automated water management between paddy fields. The device is electronic-based and integrated with the internet, and is accessible from a smartphone. 

One of the team members, Alfina, said that iValve replaces conventional methods of opening and closing floodgates in rice fields and reduces loss of water. This app also enhances efficiency of irrigation by minimizing manpower. She said that taking part in the competition has left a good impression on them. “We were surprised because opponents are from top levels. We are happy to meet new people, gain new knowledge and receive helpful feedback from the judges,” Alfina explained when interviewed by ITB news agency reporters, Thursday (11/7/2019). 

The Programming Team consisted of members Dewita Sonya Tarabunga, Jehian Norman Saviero, and Arno Alexander. ICT Business Development team was staffed by members Alfina Putri Damayanti, Feroz Fernando, and Bambang Hidayat, while the Data Mining team consisted of members Muhammad Zunan Alfikiri, William, and Nyoman Kevin Cahyadigiri. (*/est)