ITB Student team develops facial mask from waste

Ilham Octiano, Hening Puji Pangastuti, and Farhandra Ramdhani are with their trophy. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Bandung – Three ITB Material Engineering students took 1st place in Innovative Material Engineering Competition 2019 (IMEC 2019). This national scientific writing competition was held at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). 

IMEC 2019 focused on the theme “Material Innovation in Industry 4.0 in Indonesia”. In the competition, a team from ITB with members Ilham Octiano, Hening Puji Pangastuti, and Farhandra Ramdhani were selected for the final and competed with other ITS participants, as well as teams from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Universitas Brawijaya, Universitas Indonesia, and Universitas Riau. 

In accordance with the designated theme, Ilham and his team conducted research on biomasks, a type of facial mask whose materials originate from waste. “We try to combine the function of sunscreen and a facial mask. Hence, we made a biomask from nanocellulose, originating from banana waste, chitosan from shrimp hulls and biomass of English Ivy. These materials fulfill the function of a facial mask: anti-microbial and anti-UV,” Ilham explained. 

Sunscreen protects skin from UV, while a facial mask holds in the skin’s moisture and is anti-microbial. “In industry, biomasks use materials made from waste so that the production process becomes more efficient. From an environmental aspect, this product is biodegradable and thus does not cause long-term hazards. And from economic aspects, this product is expected to be competitive,” he said. 

Explaining the design and application of the mask, Hening, who is one of the team members, explained “Design of this biomask is like a sheet mask applied before outdoor activities. This mask will keep in moistness and supply nutrition to the skin. It also contains an active agent which enters the skin and functions as anti-UV. Hence, after using the mask, we do not need to apply sunscreen,” she said. 

The team members are all final year students, but that does not discourage them from competing in this type of competition. For them, this opportunity and experience is priceless, especially because some of them have no prior experience in any competition. 

“One of my motivations is to try all things before I graduate. I have never attempted any competition before, so I think this is the time,” Andra said. 

The team also shared a message, that the opportunity to create works and to compete is a definite must for every student before they graduate. For them, this feat is priceless, and every student has the duty to try it. (*/est)