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Italian sensation at Mamma Rosy


IO, Jakarta – Visiting typical Italian restaurants may be a common experience for sophisticated residents of the capital. However, to get not all restaurants can provide an authentic taste of Italian food. For those of you who want to really enjoy Italian delights, you can visit Mamma Rosy restaurant which is located on Kemang Raya Street, South Jakarta. Entering the restaurant courtyard, you will be greeted by garden decoration overgrown by greenery that adorn the entire courtyard of the restaurant. This atmosphere seems very cool, making a comfortable feel to the restaurant.

Mamma Rossy has dining rooms in both indoor and outdoor areas. The indoor dining room is right around the corner from the restaurant, separated by a clear glass wall; on the left side of the restaurant, there is a VIP room. The furniture combined with the interior atmosphere looks harmonious and also luxurious, with some tables accompanied by a comfortable sofa. The design of the room looks so artful, and also uses a unique interior as if it becomes one with the dining room.

“Formerly this was a gallery, so there are some things we deliberately did not move but are also not for sale, such as interior decorations,” said Daniel Vigone, the owner of Mamma Rosy Restaurant.

Sounds of water can also be heard, along with a gust of wind blowing around the outdoor dining area. Comfortable and serene, signifying the order of interior and exterior of this restaurant.

“We are modifying the layout of this place gradually, so it can be even more comfortable. Not to forget: we include Italian decorations in various corners, combined with a touch of Indonesian culture from Bali and Jogjakarta in order to give a warm impression” said Daniel.

The family atmosphere not only lies in the atmosphere, but also in the warmth of the owner’s family. This is also what you will not necessarily find in other restaurants.

(Muhammad Akbar)


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