Islamic universities in Asia must adhere to quality assurance standards

Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dede Rosyada, MA. (fourth from left). UIN Jakarta hosts assessor training for the “Asian Islamic University Association Quality Assurance (AIUA-QA) program at Kristal Hotel, Terogong Raya, Jakarta (11/10/2018). (photo: IO/UIN)

IO, Jakarta – An event titled “Asian Islamic Universities Paving the Way One Step Further in Improv­ing Good Governance and Inter­national Recognition” was held in Jakarta, from Thursday to Monday (11-15/10/2018). Islamic State University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta acted as host to the Asian Islamic University Association Qual­ity Assurance (AIUA-QA) assessor team training.

UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Quality Assurance Agency Secretary Dr. Kusmana stated that the event was a follow-up to assessment prepa­rations for Islamic university quality assurance. “Thank God, the event was participated in by various Islamic universities who are members of the AIUA-AQ,” he said.

Kusmana explained that a num­ber of important issues served as training materials, such as AIUA base competencies assessors’ pro­files, networking, basics of Islamic university quality assurance in Asia, and the accrediting sensitivity on ethics and local culture. Additional­ly, there was a simulation of AIUA assessor competency through case studies and PDCA methods, prepa­ration for assessment in the field, in­terview simulations in the field, and assessment report-making. Spare time was used for a visit to UIN Ja­karta.

The training which involved rep­resentatives from various Islamic universities was well-received by UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Rector Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada and Presi­dent of AIUA-QA Prof. Dr. Yudian W. Asmin. Both agreed on the urgency of improving the quality assurance of Islamic universities in order to be on level ground with other world univer­sities.

UIN Jakarta Rector stated that universities are being asked to work harder to raise quality, especially since ASEAN nations agreed to be a free trade zone. “The implementation of this agreement has opened the flow of service and product trade which has brought competition to universi­ty graduates.”

In the same event, Yudian stated that the presence of AIUA-QA should be fully utilized by national-regional religious universities to improve their quality. “The quality assurance asso­ciation has been formed; now is the right time for Islamic universities in Asia to have their own quality assur­ance standards,” he said.

Established in April of 2015, AI­UA-QA is a regional forum which facilitates members in increasing their academic quality. Regard­ing this, AIUA-QA helps members strengthen themselves by working together with academic institutes in the fields of education, research and public service. (UIN Jakarta Public Relations)