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Iran Invites the World to Commemorate
International Al-Quds Day in Support of Palestine


Iranians flocked to the streets in huge numbers around the country to commemorate International Quds Day, which comes on the last Friday of Ramadan. (Source: THE TEHRAN TIMES)

Iran believes that there are three primary reasons for the Islamic world to prioritize the Palestinian problem. First, religious identity in Palestine is a critical issue for many religions, particularly Islam. Second, the identity of the Israeli occupation, which continues to carry out its occupation and expansionist policies, as well as the identity of the West-Israel coalition, which continues to fracture. Third, they promoted dualism among Muslims in order to maintain their occupation. 

“International Al-Quds Day is highly significant for the oppressed Palestinian people because it is a reflection and role of the Islamic world in the genuine endeavor to free Palestine,” he stated. Furthermore, International Al-Quds Day serves as a rallying point for the international community to denounce the United States’ decision to relocate its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and recognize it as Israel’s capital. Iran likewise asks the international community to demand the liberation of Al-Quds, and the Islamic world’s top responsibility remains to help the oppressed people of Palestine. 

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“And this year’s anniversary is also particularly significant,” he said, “since America, along with Israel, imposes their terrible will on the Palestinian people through the Deal of the Century, aka the Conspiracy of the Century, and efforts to Normalize Relations with Islamic Countries.” 


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