IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School Instills Academic Ability and Excellent Character in Students

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Balikpapan – In an era of globalization, the space for information is open without any restrictions. For that, it is necessary to have a filter and a strong foundation for the younger generation to avoid any negative impacts of globalization. Technology-based education must also be balanced with character education to shape children to become individuals with integrity, so that they can always represent moral values in themselves while contributing to their environment. 

IPEKA Christian School, one of the best Christian schools, now has 13 schools in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Palembang, Balikpapan, and Makassar, and is committed to continuously contribute to the intellectual life of the nation through quality education. 

IPEKA realizes that the need for quality schools is currently still acute, especially in Central and Eastern Indonesia. This is because quality schools play an important role as a means of preparing young people to develop excellent academic abilities and character. 

Responding to this need, IPEKA demonstrated its commitment by building IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School as a form of a contribution to take part in advancing Indonesia through education. 

IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School is a school that prioritizes building Christian character for every teacher and student. In addition, IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School is committed to teaching and instilling moral values that are manifested in learning activities both in the classroom and outside of school, such as social projects that have an immediate impact and can be felt by the community. 

“In the learning process, IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School faithfully instills 5 core values, namely, service, discipline, integrity, lifelong learners, and mutual respect. We also emphasize empathy and respect diversity,” said Alfian Samudra, Principal of IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School. 

On M a rch 14, 2020, the groundbreaking was carried out to mark the construction of the IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School. The construction of the school building is expected to be completed in May 2021. For this reason, new student admission for the current 2021/2022 school year has started, so students can start studying in July 2021. 

IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School is located in Grand City Housing Jl. Sinar Mas Land Boulevard, Graha Indah Village, North Balikpapan District, Balikpapan City. This location is very strategic because it is connected between two main roads, namely, Jalan MT Haryono and Jalan Soekarno Hatta. Also, Perumahan Grand City is a leading residential area that pays attention to environmental aspects of safety and comfort. 

Similar to IPEKA Balikpapan I Christian School, IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School will present education that emphasizes academic excellence and excellent character education. Moreover, IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School is also designed to implement an international standard curriculum by prioritizing technology-based education and literacy. The hope is that within the next two or three years, IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School can become an SPK (Cooperative Education Unit) school or what was previously known as an international school. 

IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School uses the modified 2013 Curriculum for preparation to become an SPK school or an international standard school. The learning process is maximized by the use of digital technology, such as the use of a Chromebook as a learning medium. The face-to-face process when learning is also more focused on an interactive classroom. This aims to develop competencies that students must-have in the 21st century, namely 4C, namely Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (critical thinking and problem solving), Creativity (creativity), Communication Skills (ability to communicate), and Ability to Work Collaboratively (the ability to work together) through discussions, debates, simple science projects, social projects, and others. 

Currently, IPEKA Christian School has two social programs, namely, Saudara Asuh, in the form of a joint donation from IPEKA students which will be distributed to underprivileged children to go to school. Then there is the Guru Asuh program, providing financial support for teachers sent to teach in remote areas. This is one of IPEKA’s efforts in helping to educate the nation. 

IPEKA Balikpapan II Christian School is expected to be the best choice for Balikpapan people in obtaining technology-based and literacy education, as well as superior character education.