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IPB University students initiate #TasikLawanCorona movement


IO, Bogor – Since an official circular was issued by IPB (Institut Pertanian Bogor, or Bogor Agricultural Institute) University in mid-March, all instruction and learning activity (KBM) have been conducted online. Students are also encouraged to return to their homes. In addition, organizational activities are limited through online as an effort by IPB University to suppress the risk of the spread of COVID-19 among its students. 

Even so, students should not stop being adventurous: the nature of students is to move, shaping themselves as ideally as possible, to continue to have an impact wherever located. The repatriation of students would be an opportunity to contribute early in their hometowns. 

This was agreed by Fakhry Khotibul Umam, a student of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry of IPB University who initiated the #TasikLawanCorona (“Tasik against Corona”) movement. Tasikmalaya, known as Tasik, is a city six hours away from Bogor. Fakhry began by making a big picture of the movement as he waited for the ODP for 14 days with his friends, after returning from Bogor. 

“In this movement, there are 46 people assigned to ensure social media as a preventive effort in the form of community education by campaigning #TasikCageur (“Heal Tasik”). We also distribute personal protective equipment, such as masks and hand sanitizers. The aim of this movement is to mitigate the social and economic impacts caused. It was felt by traders and daily workers whose income dropped dramatically. Then the #TasikLawanCorona movement is an effort to alleviate the existing burden and prevent the spread that is so dangerous,” he told IPB University PR, Tuesday (4/28/2020). 

According to him, this movement is divided into three parts each week. The first part, every Monday to Friday: this team focuses on looking for donations. Saturday is the time for education and the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the public by following existing protocols. 

“We routinely distribute 50 packages of basic foodstuffs, containing 2 kilograms of rice, 900 millilitres oil, sardines and 2 instant noodles. Alhamdulillah, this has been running for three weeks,” he added. 

#TasikLawanCorona movement still opens a donation wallet to the account (Mandiri) 1770000352267 and payment is also possible via GoPay to number 087828391927. Donations can be in the form of money or PPE which will continue to be distributed until the plague subsides. All activities of this movement can be seen on Instagram @tasiklawancorona. (*/est) 


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