International Children’s Day 2020, SWA students win Canada’s World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2020

Students should celebrate their learnin.

IO, Jakarta – Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) marked various world-class achievements at the International Children’s Day 2020. One important one was from a group of SWA students, who managed to become the first Indonesian winners in the worldclass prestigious robotics competition – Canada’s World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2020. Another student group won a world competition in composing songs, namely the 2020 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest Music Category. In addition, SWA students won the National Science-Mathematics Competition, 2020 Virtual Wushu Championship, 2020 SEAMO, and 2020 UCC video contest. 

SWA refers to the Bloom’s Taxonomy concept, which focuses on complex teaching activities by applying an analysis-evaluation-creation method, rather than basic teaching in the form of memorization and surface understanding. They implement a balanced holistic educational approach. Six aspects that need to be developed in a balanced manner in a child’s education are: cognitive capability and intelligence, physical strength, technological and artistic ability, environmental and community spirit, spiritual and moral elements, and gratification. 

“Guiding children to be able to apply their knowledge can drive their creativity and ability to adapt to various unpredictable situations. When students create something together, they can develop solutions that can help the world. This consistency of educational and environmental stimulation is a solid foundation for the character and personality of a child with strong moral values,” says Alex T. Nenes, a senior member of the academic team of SWA, in webinar “SWA Explores Children’s Potential to be the Hope for the Future” held on Thursday (26/11/2020). 

Another interesting aspect is that SWA also takes extra steps to ensure that children’s potential and development are maximized through a special program, called Personal and Social Development (SEL). Through the SEL program, counselors invite children to practice self-management, build self-awareness, as they assist them in practicing responsible decision-making skills, thereby nurturing them to develop relationships and build social awareness. 

“Children need guidance, direction, and a positive environment. Through the SEL program, children are taught to know and understand themselves, so that they will not lose their identity. Their potential will thus be explored and virtues will be formed. Afterwards, they will be able to contribute to the surrounding environment,” says Danny Tania, DISE, Master of Education, and a school counselor. 

International Children’s Day is celebrated every November 20. This year, UNICEF raised a theme that is very relevant to the current pandemic situation, namely to “re-imagine a better future for every child”. In line with this, SWA is increasing its focus to equip students with various forms of knowledge that encourage them to become tech-savvy, while being supported by emotional intelligence, creativity, flexibility and adaptability. 

Mr. Nenes said that the pandemic Covid-19, students interact remotely to stay healthy. “We’re working remotely because we don’t want our children to be exposed to this pandemic that we are suffering in the whole world now. How we effect a holistic approach to deal with it? We get together in different Google meets channels, having trivia quizzes, and also come up with virtual assemblies every week – and we have fun. Students should just enjoy a celebration of learning. That’s the way we empower them.” (est)