Insulting the president now an offence that warrants complaint on RKUHP

The Indonesian Parliament complex (Source: ANTARA)

Jakarta, IO – Deputy Law and Human Rights Minister Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej clarified the inclusion of article about insulting the president and vice president in the penal code law draft (RKUHP). According to Edy, the article is different from the article annulled by the Constitutional Court (MK).

“We have not resurrected articles that have been annulled by the Constitutional Court (MK),” he said in a meeting to discuss RKUHP with the House of Representatives, as per CNBC Indonesia, Thursday (26/5).

He stated the article needs to be kept to protect the honor and dignity of the President and Vice President as symbols of the state. However, it has now been changed from a normal offense to a complaint offense.

The defamation article which was annulled by MK, said Edward, was a normal offense and was different from the complaint offense in the RKUHP.