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Inspired by Guruh Sukarno Putra and Fariz RM, Zerosix Park releases new single “Tebar Pesona”


Jakarta, IO – After being praised for singing Nike Ardilla’s “Karya Besar,” Samarinda’s Zerosix Park is back with their new single “Tebar Pesona.” 

According to Zerosix, Tebar Pesona tells the story of a man who pours out his heart about how much he wishes to have a romance with the woman he is interested in. 

The band, Aldi (vocals), Nida (keyboards), and Upi (drums), recounted the process of creating this song. “This song was written in two days, but the music arrangement took two months due to a lot of song revisions. We composed the song in Samarinda, while the music arrangement was in Jakarta,” Aldi explained. 

Aldi revealed that this song was inspired by the work of Guruh Sukarno Putra and Fariz RM. “I wrote this song after listening to Mas Guruh and Mas Fariz’s songs over and over. Then I told Nida the lyrics that I had in mind; we poured it into a song,” he explained. 

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The video for this song depicts some people expressing their fondness which does not necessarily mean love. People would dress up elegantly as if they were spreading charm, trying to entice their love interest, which is what “Tebar Pesona” is telling the listeners. Guys who often do “Tebar Pesona,” or womanizing, generally have distinct goals and purposes. Promises that are often broken, flirtatious moves, and even manipulative maneuvers. (des/ast)


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