Innovations in paints and coatings amid COVID-19 pandemic

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – The World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted the COVID-19 will potentially become endemic (regularly found among particular people or in a certain area) for an extended period. During a virtual press conference held in WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Executive Director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Program Michael Ryan urged people everywhere to prepare for a lengthy battle against the virus. 

Various efforts are underway to suppress the virus, including implementing health protocols, research in medicine and vaccines – possibly the most effective solution to eliminate the virus. However, uncertainties might also linger for an indefinite period, so extra time will be needed to flatten the number of transmissions. 

It is time for many parties – governments, societies, and private sectors – to work hand in hand in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, Nippon Paint has participated in several efforts, including developing innovations in paints and coatings. 

Nippon Paint China has launched its latest product, Anti-Virus Kids Paint, scientifically tested to have eliminated almost 100% of Feline Calicivirus (FCV), a highly contagious strain of Coronavirus causing upper respiratory infections. On March 1, 2020, Nippon Paint China donated Anti-Virus Kids Paint to hospitals in Hubei Province of China. 

On May 18, 2020, Tokyo University and Nippon Paint Holdings signed an agreement on research and development in technologies helping to suppress COVID-19 transmission, including anti-viral coatings. The research also includes technologies dedicated to solving health problems surfacing during and post-pandemic, carrying the theme “Establishing Innovative Coating Technologies”. 

Nippon Paint Holdings CEO Masaaki Tanaka said “We hope our efforts, particularly in paint and coatings technology development will greatly contribute to assuring that the public may live in safe and comfortable circumstances.” 

Meanwhile, Nippon Paint Singapore launched VirusGuard+, its latest innovation enriched with anti-microbial additives to kill viruses and bacteria on the wall. VirusGuard+ helps neutralize encapsulated viruses and bacteria. 

Protect Your Home with Silver Ion Technology Paint 

In addition to the many innovations in paint and coatings developed by Nippon Paint China, Japan, and Singapore, Nippon Paint Indonesia has conducted research and development to improve its product quality using silver-ion technology. Research shows that silver ions have long been applied as an antimicrobial agent in medication and is a basic material in medical equipment. 

Silver ions, as an anti-microbial agent, also help kill micro-organisms by penetrating, curbing their reproduction and metabolism, then destroying them. The anti-microbial force of silver ions can endure a long time, with the substance considered effective in killing germs. 

Nippon Paint Indonesia has been using silver-ion technology since 2005 to produce Nippon Vinilex Fresh, its product mostly used to in protecting the walls of hospital buildings (project-based). In 2018, the technology was introduced to customers with Nippon Spot-less Plus – a premium-segmented anti-stain and anti-microbial interior paint. Recently, silver-ion technology has also been used in Vinilex Anti-Kuman – a medium-segment interior wall paint introduced in April 2020. 

CEO (Decorative Paints) Nippon Paint Indonesia, Jon Tan, said, “Our launching of Vinilex Anti-Kuman with Silver-Ion is primarily focused on helping to create a healthy home for all Indonesian families. This is our contribution as the leading paint and coatings manufacturer in Indonesia towards the fight against the spread of diseases amidst this COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Therefore, the innovations in paints and coatings will meet families’ need for a safe and comfortable environment to live in. Jon Tan also hopes this effort will raise public awareness, educate and empower the Indonesian people to create a serene, clean, safe, and healthy environment.