Inkai UNS Student Activity Unit gains notable award in Unsoed Dean Cup VI/2020

UKM Inkai UNS students pose with their medals. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Solo — A remarkable achievement was concluded by the Student Activity Unit (UKM) Inkai Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta. The latest achievement was won by UKM Inkai UNS during the Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) Dean Cup National Championship VI/2020 at Purwokerto, Central Java. 

In the Championship event held on 7-9 February 2020, in Gedung Graha Widyata Unsoed Purwokerto, a contingent from UKM Inkai UNS successfully won 4 gold medals – 2 silver and 4 bronze. “Total participants in the Unsoed Dean Cup VI/2020 numbered around 981 athletes; our 4 gold (medals), 2 silver, and 4 bronze, brought UNS to the 7th rank among the participants of the Unsoed Dean Cup VI/2020. This added to the history of UKM Inkai UNS achievements,” said the administrator of UKM Inkai UNS, Arifin Nur Wicaksono, Tuesday (11/2/2020). 

The gold medals achieved by the contingent of UKM Inkai UNS in a Single class acknowledged the efforts of Yogi Pratama in Kumite -67 Kg Senior Male, Wirogo Damarjati in Kumite -55 Kg Senior Male, and Muhammad Bagus Anshari Hilmy in Kumite -67 Kg U-21 Male. Meanwhile, another gold was taken by the Group classification by Cukat Ainun Jiwo, Bayu Kusuma Jati, and Yogi Pratama in the category of Kata Group U-21 Male. As for the achievement of silver medals, also obtained through individuals and a group, Cukat Ainun Jiwo successfully snatched a silver medal in Individual Kata U-21, while group achievement was represented by Oktalita Kusumawati, Hana Febi T.N.A, and Dyah Iswara Rahmawati in 2 Group Kata Women U-21. 

Bronze medals achieved by the UKM Inkai UNS were mostly in the women’s sector; among others a 3rd Champion in Kumite -61 Kg Women Senior by Putri by Oktalita Kusumawati, 3rd Champion in Kumite -61 Kg U-21 Women by Nimas Izmi A, 3rd Champion in Kumite -50 Kg Women U-21 by Hana Febi T. Men taking awards included Bayu Kusuma Jati, again, succeeded in becoming a 3rd Champion in the Senior Individual sector. 

Through these achievements that have been successfully contributed by the Contingent of UKM Inkai UNS to compete in Unsoed Dean Cup VI/2020, Arifin hopes that in the future the UKM Inkai UNS can continue to deliver achievements, especially in preparing Semar Cup in 2021. 

“This will be a good start in 2020 for UKM Inkai UNS to prepare for other championship this year. Hopefully this year we can achieve more than the previous year and prepare for the SEMAR CUP in 2021,” he concluded. (*/est)