Indonesia’s resilience against the pandemic

Dewi Nur Aisyah, SKM, MSc, PIC, Ph.D
Dewi Nur Aisyah, SKM, MSc, PIC, Ph.D. (Source: WIKIPEDIA)

Jakarta, IO – After three years, the number of Covid-19 positive infections is finally down, and hospital bed occupancy rate is now below 5%. The cases are now so controlled and stable that the Government has loosened requirements for filter mask usage in outdoor spaces where people don’t gather much. According to the latest data (as of the end of May 2022, Indonesia now only has 0.05% positive cases, while the global positive infection average is 4.5%. Some countries, including North Korea and Taiwan, actually suffer from more cases now. 

The Head of the Covid-19 Task Force’s Data and Information Division for 2020-2021, Dewi Nur Aisyah, SKM, MSc, PIC, Ph.D., reported that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught the Government and the people that it takes cooperation from both sides to control a pandemic. “Indonesia does show a trend of fattening the curve of positive cases, but there is still a big task ahead of us: we need to lower our death rate, currently at 2.59%. That’s much higher than the global death rate of 1.18%. Therefore, even though we may relax restrictions a bit, we must remain vigilant and protect our and our family’s health and safety by implementing the health protocol diligently: wearing filter masks, washing hands and faces with soap, and maintaining safe distancing,” she said. 

As in the case of Covid-19, a full 60% of reemerging infectious diseases originate from humans getting infected by animals. “Why do zoonotic diseases like monkeypox, the Hendra virus, Ebola return? It all started with the human effort to change land use over the centuries. These are old diseases that naturally occur and spread in specific regions, such as the Ebola in Africa or the monkeypox in European countries. It is our joint duty to keep such diseases from entering Indonesia,” Dewi said in the “Understanding the Indonesian and Global Development of Covid-19” live IG session on Friday (3/6/2022).