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Indonesia’s Broadcast Commission meets Coordinating Minister of Politics, Law, and National Defense: Maintaining healthy broadcasting in Indonesia


IO, Jakarta – Coordinating Minister of Politics, Law, and National Defense (Menteri Koordinator Bidang Politik, Hukum, dan Keamanan – “Menko Polhukam”) Wiranto met with Indonesia’s Broadcast Commission (Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia – “KPI”) Commissioner at the Ministry of Politics, Law, and National Defense (Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Politik, Hukum, dan Keamanan – “Kemenko Polhukam”) Office in Jakarta on Wednesday (11/09/2019).

Wiranto stated that the purpose of the meeting was to harmonize the objectives of KPI and Kemenko Polhukam in terms of improving the quality of television broadcasts in Indonesia. “I request that KPI and Kemenko Polhukam harmonize with one another at work because we have the same purpose, i.e. how to make sure that all broadcasts in Indonesia are positive,” he said.

Wiranto added that he requested KPI to improve its performance because the current freedom of broadcasting is actually being used to create chaos. “Broadcasting nowadays is quite free. And that is actually being misused in order to generate riots, conflicts, insecurities, and lack of peace among the people. KPI is a monitoring agency. Therefore, it naturally has the right to observe other broadcasting agencies in order to maintain the integrity of the NKRI,” he said.

Wiranto stated that the Kemenko Polhukam will hold further meetings with KPI to discuss the best form of cooperation among them. He hopes that this cooperation can generate healthy broadcasting in Indonesia. “KPI is just as committed as we are. With KPI as a monitoring agency, we can monitor other broadcast agencies and ensure that they maintain NKRI integrity,” he said. “We have agreed that there will be periodic meeting between Kemenko Polhukam and KPI, also with our journalist friends and other broadcasting agencies, in order to share how we all could cooperate on how to maintain the health of broadcasting in Indonesia.”

The meeting was attended by KPI Chairman Agung Suprio and his Vice Chairman Mulyo Hadi Purnomo. Agung Suprio stated that his meeting with Wiranto discussed issues relating to broadcasting in relation to politics, the law, and national defense. He agreed to coordinate with Kemenko Polhukam because several of their primary duties and functions overlap. “Therefore, we coordinate with Minister Wiranto due to these similarities. By cooperating, we can resolve political, legal, and national defense issues together,” he said. (dsy)


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