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Indonesians consume the most sweetened drinks in Asia Pacific, study finds


Jakarta, IO – The Health Ministry (Kemenkes) noted that Indonesia is the country with the highest consumption of packaged sweetened drinks (MBDK) in Asia Pacific.

Director General of Disease Prevention and Control Maxi Rein Rondonuwu said this fact needs to be of concern to the government.

“G2 2021 global data from consumer surveys also states that Indonesia is the country with the highest consumption of sweetened packaged drinks in Asia Pacific,” said Maxi, per CNN Indonesia, Wed (3/7).

Maxi said that this calls for interventions to control sugar consumption in Indonesia. He explained that the increasing trend in MBDK consumption would have a negative impact on health.

“From research data we see that consuming MBDK can increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and death from coronary heart disease,” he said.

In addition, MBDK in Indonesia on average contains 22.8 grams of sugar per 250 ml or around 45.6 percent above the sugar consumption level as recommended by Kemenkes.

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Maxi said that based on data from the 2022 Indonesian Health Survey (SKI), around 47.5 percent of the Indonesian population consumes at least one type of sweet drink per day.

“Roughly 5.5 percent consume more than four tablespoons of sugar per day. This is quite high,” he pointed out. (un)


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