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Indonesian Women Artists art exhibition: Into the Future


IO – Awareness in synergizing art, technology and science has become an attraction as well as the strength of the exhibition of Indonesian Women Artist (IWA) entitled “Into the Future”, which takes place at Building A National Gallery Indonesia, Jakarta, from February 26 to March 16. This exhibition will showcase the latest works from 21 female artists, representing Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta. A total of 21 installation and mixed media works will be displayed in the IWA 2019 exhibition, ranging from linocut, textile, photography, glass, gauze, ceramics, watercolor, iron plates, to tree branches.

The works in this exhibition were also present through video art, sound art, LED light, photo media, and coding to the use of bacteria, such as Acetobacter xylinum and bacterial flowers from female genitalia as part of the artist’s working concept. The IWA 2019 exhibition was initiated by Cemara 6 Museum-Gallery in collaboration with the National Gallery of Indonesia, curated by Carla Bianpoen and Citra Smara Dewi and received full support from the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF). In this exhibition IWA 2019 will also be launched, which contains a profile of 21 contemporary Indonesian artists, works, work concepts, and achievements, including the selection of artists based on the concept of work “Out of the Box” with a very strong spirit of work.

“Of the 21 artists aged 21 to 48 years, we see the concept of work and the medium used. Not only 2D dimensions but they use mind power and skill,” said curator of the exhibition Carla Bianpoen at the National Gallery of Indonesia.

In his curatorial Carla Bianpoen, female spirit or “female spirit” which emphasizes sense and “sensitivity” that are typical of women, is the power of the 2019 IWA Exhibition. Technology is growing rapidly, new discoveries of science enrich life today, and “female spirits” is making a breakthrough that can’t be detained anymore.

All of that, opens up challenges and possibilities as well as new ways in contemporary art that create “Art of Another Kind”. “The Indonesian Women Artists exhibition: Into the Future signifies the direction of the work of art in the future, where female spirits become prima donna in determining new art, or contemporary art or we can call Now Art,” said Carla Bianpoen.

Head of the Indonesian National Gallery, Pustanto, said that the exhibition, which was also equipped with a book launch on Indonesian female artists, not only presented their beautiful works to be accessed and enjoyed by the public, but also as a recognition of the existence and contributions of the artists in history. the development of Indonesian art.

As a series of activities there will also be a public education program, in the form of book surgery, on Friday (1/3), presenting speakers Prof. Melani Budianta, Carla Bianpoen, and Aprina Murwanti, as well as moderator Debra Yatim. There is also an Art Talk with the theme “Art, Science and Technology”, on Saturday (9/3) with speakers Prof. Ign Bambang Sugiarto, Carla Bianpoen, Irene Agrivina, Etza Meisyara, and Andrita Yuniza Orbandi, with the moderator Citra Smara Dewi. Then the curator tour will be held twice during the exhibition, namely on March 2 and 9, guided by curator Carla Bianpoen and Citra Smara Dewi. There was also a discussion with the theme “Fine Art, Intellectual Property, and Creative Economy”, on Thursday (3/14).

In this art performance the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) supports the national creative industry, one of which Bekraf supports the launch of the Indonesian Book of Women Artists: Into The Future. There are new things presented at the exhibition this time, the female artists who participated in the exhibition have not all had long experience in the field of Indonesian art, but at the same time this is also the beginning for the artists to be more accomplished in the future. which will come.

“Bekraf is proud of the recent increased interest of female artists with various touches of beauty along with critical and innovative thinking, this is an appreciation and acknowledgement for all women for their dedication to Indonesian art and culture. “This activity proves that Indonesian women also have a touch of fine art in real life with a vision to respond to the challenges of the present,” said Head of Bekraf, Triawan Munaf, in his remarks.

The birth of the Indonesian Women Artists book: Into The Future is inseparable from the ideas of Indonesian women artists and humanists because since 2007, when the book was launched on Indonesian Artists, The Curtain Opens at GNI, there was no writing or publishing about the role of female artists. While the existence of Indonesian female artists has been recognized and has a significant role in the development of contemporary art, both national, regional and international. The purpose of the publication of this book is to complete information about the history of the world of art, especially the role of Indonesian women in developing the world of art in the country. Indonesian Women Artists book: Into The Future can also be used as a reference in knowing the progress of Indonesian female artists.

“The effort to publish this book can be a reference for art activists and other creative actors to document achievements in accordance to their respective sub-sectors. We believe that books are references that mirror the future. Through the publication of Indonesian Women Artists: Into The Future, this will be a publication of the progress of Indonesian female artists and can become a reference for research on the development of Indonesian art, “Triawan Munaf concluded. (Aldo)


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