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Indonesian student wins gold in Japan Art competition


IO, Jakarta – International awards aren’t only being given to Indonesian university students but also Indone­sian high-school students. This time a high-school student was able to win a gold in the International High- School Arts Festival 2018 event, held in Tokyo, Japan, 5-10 August 2018. The event was organized by The In­ternational Foundation for Arts and Culture (IFAC) and is in its 19th year. The competition was established with the intention to increase and develop creativity in arts, specifically posters, paintings, and calligraphy, while also giving experience in art and culture for high-school students across the globe.

The competition was participated in by individuals from 18 countries across 3 continents, for the poster and painting category. In addition to those categories, Japanese art and culture in the form of calligraphy were also participated in by students from around Japan. A maximum of six artworks were allowed to be sent in by each country, where they would then be invited to attend the event and award ceremony.

The six best artworks from Indo­nesia were chosen from the National Student Festival and Art Competition (FLS2N) from 2017, which was held in Kupang city, East Nusa Tenggara. Each country’s artworks were exhib­ited together with the calligraphy from the Japanese high-school students, in the National Art Center Tokyo. The award ceremony was held 8 of August 2018 in the Ritz Carlton Tokyo Hotel Ballroom.

The Indonesian representative, Mujahid Afif A.E from Modal Bangsa Aceh public high-school, accompa­nied by Robin Kristian from High- School Guidance Directorate, won one gold in the competition.

“I am very proud to be able to represent Indonesia, alhamdulillah, I won one gold medal in this presti­gious event. I am very thankful to the Ministry of Education and Culture, who nominated me and accommo­dated my trip to Japan,” said Afif. Afif hopes the event will continue, because according to him, it is im­portant for long term of the arts, sci­ence and athletics field.

Purwadi Sutanto, Director of High-School Guidance in the Minis­try of Education and Culture, stat­ed Indonesia was very proud and honored to be able to participate in such an event. “Alongside science, we must also develop other fields such as art, culture, and athletics in accordance to the principles of olah pikir (thought), olah rasa (feeling), olah hati (spirituality), and olah raga (athletics),” explained Purwadi.

Purwadi added that this event has to be viewed not only as a chance to strengthen friendship but also to grow global cooperation in the development of quality and sustainable education, art and culture in the world. Suhar­lan, head of the Learner’s subdirec­tory of the High-School Guidance Di­rectorate in the Ministry of Education and Culture, said that Indonesia is capable of competing with other na­tions such as those from Europe or America.

“The proof is that Indonesia can win a gold in a competition held by the IFAC. As a result of that we must maintain and improve, in both selec­tion and guidance on a national level,” stated Suharlan

In addition to the competition, stu­dents were invited to learn the histo­ry, art, and culture of Japan by visit­ing traditional craft centers, ancient temples, and museums. (Aldo)


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