Indonesian student makes a splash by designing Disney-Pixar’s Turning Red poster

Poster by Emmanuelle Elizabeth. (source: pixarturningred)

Jakarta, IO – Another work of Indonesian young talent goes global. Emmanuele Elizabeth, a student from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) collaborated with Disney and Pixar to design a movie poster for the studio’s latest animation “Turning Red.”

In the poster uploaded by official @pixarturningred one can see an acknowledgement reading: “Poster by: Emmanuelle Elizabeth” on the subtitle.

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Emmanuelle Elizabeth is a visual communication design student of ITB’s Faculty of Art and Design. Ever since she was a child, Emma has admired and been profoundly inspired by Disney films.

“I always become very passionate about life after watching Disney movies. They gave me a lot pleasure,” Emma told Cosmopolitan, Tuesday (19/4).