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Indonesian singer plays main character in ‘The Jungle Book’ musical in Belgium


Jakarta, IO – Dira Sugandi, a famous Indonesian singer, has again made a prestigious achievement. He became the only Asian actor to perform in world-class musical theater ‘The Jungle Book’ by Robert Wilson.

While she is better known as a singer, Sugandi is also familiar with play. She was highly appreciated for her skills in playing different characters, including that of Mowgli. As director of the show, Wilson is known to be very selective in casting which goes to show Sugandi’s quality.

“The Jungle Book is meant for all ages. I’ve always liked Baudelaire’s words, ”A genius is one who can capture and re-arrange his past,'” said Robert, reported Fimela, Friday (24/3).

The show is based on the children book by Rudyard Kipling published in 1984. The music is written by Coco Rosie and performed at Le Theater de la Ville, Paris.

It was first staged in 2019, and will be held again in various European countries in 2023. Sugandi’s performance in Antwerp, Belgium, on March 10-12 managed to amaze international audiences, bringing pride to Indonesia.

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She hopes that other Indonesian actors can also have the opportunity to perform on the global stage.

“Hopefully I can inspire many young Indonesian actors that we are capable of achieving our dreams and making great strides not only at home but also globally,” said Dira. (un)


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