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Indonesian Passport Design and Color to Change in August 2025


Jakarta, IO – The design and color of the Indonesian passport will soon change in August next year. The government is currently making preparations and will release these changes on Indonesia’s 79th anniversary of independence.

Immigration director general Silmy Karim explained that although it was announced on August 17, 2024 the new passport would be actively issued on the Independence Day the following year.

“The design has been prepared and we plan to submit it on August 17, 2024,” explained Silmy, per Katadata, Mon (1/7).

Besides the color and design, the changes would also be security feature. This is done in accordance with international rules which state that passport security must be strengthened every three years.

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Currently, the Indonesian passport has several types based on the colour of the cover: light blue or turquoise for general passport, blue for official passport, and black for diplomatic passport. (un)


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