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Indonesian Embassy in Seoul assures Indonesian citizens are safe after “wartime alert” issued


Jakarta, IO – The Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Seoul has confirmed that it will continue to monitor developments in South Korea after the local government issued a “wartime alert” following the launch of a satellite by North Korea, Wednesday (31/5).

The Indonesian Ambassador to South Korea Gandi Sulistiyanto said the Indonesian embassy has had operational standards and procedures for dealing with emergencies, including evacuation of citizens. He said the South Korean government only issued a warning but it did not fall into the “extraordinary” category.

“Several alerts issued have been revised by the relevant authorities,” Gandi said, reported CNNIndonesia.

Wartime alerts were issued by the Seoul city government and received by residents via their respective cell phones. Gandi said the sound of the siren basically urged residents to prepare for evacuation and prioritize vulnerable groups such as children, elderly, and the disabled.

Residents received the warning at around 6.32am local time. However, moments later, at around 6:41am, Seoul residents received another warning from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security stating that the previous warning was sent erroneously.

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“This information also states that the wartime alert for all areas in the city of Seoul has been lifted and residents of the city of Seoul can carry out their activities as usual,” Gandi said.

The launch of the military reconnaissance satellite was conducted by North Korea in southern waters around Wednesday morning. However, Pyongyang said the launch, which was intended to monitor the movements of the United States military, failed because the satellite fell into the sea. (un)


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