Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design held again for the ninth time

“INCISIONS” is art work of Restu Ratnaningtyashis her works tell a surreal and comical style. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Design + Art Indonesia Foundation will again hold Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD). This annual event will be the 9th event, since ICAD was first held in 2009. Located in Grandkemang Hotel Jakarta, ICAD will take place for six weeks from 18 October 2018 to 30 November 2018. ICAD 2018 is supported by the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf ), Artura Insanindo, and Grandkemang Hotel Jakarta. Carrying the theme “STORY”, ICAD 2018 presents works that are more personal, in the form of thoughts or track records of the experiences of artists and designers in their work processes. Art works present as a way of expressing a thought, fluctuations in feelings or emotional interactions between artists and their work. In the implementation of this year, ICAD collaborated with creative actors from various disciplines.

ICAD 2018 had the opportunity to present the work of 50 creative actors, including Irawan Karseno (painter), Ruby Roesly (architect), Tatang Ramadhan (graphic designer), Joshua Simandjuntak (product designer), White Shoes and The Couples Company (musician), Milisifilem Collective (collective artist / filmmaker), PM Toh (poet), Hikmat Darmawan (comic artist), and many more. Acting as a curator for ICAD 2018 was Hafiz Rancajale and Harry Purwanto. In addition to the work of the nation’s children, this year’s ICAD also featured works from Belgian designers, Joris Vanbriel and Vanessa Yuan (ecoBirdy). EcoBirdy’s works always utilize recycled materials, and put forward ideas to contribute to the environment and education. According to art curator Hafiz Rancajale, the works on display at ICAD are site specific.

“We did not change the space. The lobby remained as a lobby, the hall remained a hallway, and the room became a room. Because that is the challenge for us and the artists. ICAD is also connected with many fields. Music, the world of writing, film and indeed very broad. It is put into a liquid space, that is what we offer to the participants, “said Hafiz.

ICAD 2018 will also feature contemporary performances, ‘Story of Batik’ by designer Amanda Hartanto who collaborated with PM Toh. In addition to displaying works of art, ICAD 2018 also presents several creative figures who will share insights in 3 separate conventions. Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design also presents a film workshop, which was attended by 2 film producers as speakers; Jon Kuyper (The Hunger Games film production executive) and Mira Lesmana.

Aside from being an art exhibition, Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design also collaborates with various groups to enliven the annual event. One of them is the British Council which was invited to collaborate for a design convention workshop, which will take the theme ‘The Story of Comics’, presenting Paul Gravett, British writer and Iwan Gunawan. All participants and visitors can come to this program free of charge. (Aldo)