Indonesian Art Award, comics in the world of fine arts

'STORY OF BODY' is a masterpiece of I Nyoman Merta Sedana (Gennetik) which is a sculpture shaped human body with an artistic picture in cartoon. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Indonesia’s Arts Foundation held the Indonesia Art Award (IAA) in 2018. Specializing in the works of pop art and the world of comics, Yayasan Seni Rupa Indonesia (YSRI) in cooperation with PT. Gudang Garam Tbk, Indonesia Art Award held in 2018 with the theme “The World of Comics – Language Culture Pictures Stories”. Gudang Garam Indonesia Art Award (GGIAA) this year, carrying the works of pop art, especially focussing Comic Art in exhibitions and competitions.

This isn’t the first time a competition and exhibition of comics is held. National Gallery since it first emerged in the era of Edi Sedyawati has convened the Comic and Animation Exhibit. Many times the event was held, but was stopped and torpid. “The exhibition and competition GGIAA, it reaffirms the spirit of comics,” says the head of the National Gallery Pustanto.

Jim Supangkat, one of the exhibition curators GGIAA 2018 and chairman of the jury said, amid a standoff discourse of contemporary art can be none other but must look to the world of comics and examine artistic standards to find the cause of artification comics.

The main winners at the IAA this time is, Evelyn Ghozali who works as an illustrator of children’s books. Evelyn comic masterpiece entitled ‘The Chair’ is able to amaze the jury team. Dumb comic creations capable of beating 350 other participants as well as 129 works were selected in the second stage of judging. After the announcement of the winner, Evelyn had just attended the Bologna Children’s Book Fair said the comic ‘The Chair’ creations inspired by a chair when he walked in the Old Town.

“I saw a chair in the Old City(Kota Tua), in 5 minutes I then created this artwork. What if the chair has traveled many trips even decades in fact,” he said at the National Gallery of Indonesia.

In his work, the chair is illustrated with the atmosphere in 1742 while still in the era of Batavia, Jakarta after the second period is the period of independence, and today it is sold in front of the local supermarket stores.

“After independence, the chair was sold at Jalan Surabaya but ultimately it was not saleable, and was purchased in front of Old Town Cafe. That’s sublimation,” said Evelyn who was previously also displaying works at the Biennale Comics and Animation in Bratislava.

In her introduction, the exhibition curator Evelyn Hikmat Darmawan that her works reveal levels of visual poetics. The figures clearly, the composition of the panels are easy to read, and exploration in a language easily understood by line techniques.

In addition to Evelyn, Indonesia Art Award in 2018 give the victory of King Premium (2nd Place) and Patra Aditya (3rd). There are only 3 winners of course, teams jury gave awards to 13 artists and comic artists with special mention category. The works of the 13 participants were able to excite the jury and receive praises. They are Bonni propagation, Dawn Nursyamsujati, Radhinal Indra, Prihatmoko Chess, Muhammad Misrad, Hafid Alibasyah, Princess Larasati, Abdul Rahman Saleh, Kan Kelana, Mohammad Iqbal, Loyong Budi Harjo, Sunni Tresnadewi, and Sandy Yudha.

In addition to an exhibition of the works of the best comics, GGIAA also scheduled announcement of the winners of the comic. Since it first appeared in 2013, GGIAA routinely look for potential creative and innovative artists in the field of fine arts. At this time the event was recorded for 350 participants from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, East Java, Central Java, Bali, to Papua participate. The work of the artist and comic artists who managed to escape in the judging phase of Indonesian Art Award 2018 can be visited at the National Gallery of Indonesia. (Aldo)