Indonesia strongly condemns Quran burning in Sweden

Far-right politician Rasmus Paludan (Source: Facebook Feedmile)

Jakarta, IO – The provocative action by far-right politician Rasmus Paludan who set fire to a copy of the Muslim holy book on Saturday in front of Turkey’s embassy in the Swedish capital Stockholm, Saturday (21/1), has sparked condemnation from many countries, including Indonesia.

“Indonesia strongly condemns the burning of the holy book Quran by Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan in Stockholm on Saturday, January 21, 2023,” wrote the Foreign Ministry (Kemlu) via its official Twitter handle @Kemlu_RI on Monday (23/1).

The third point of the statement stated Indonesia’s view that freedom of expression must be carried out responsibly, so as not to harm and tarnish interfaith tolerance.

Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Ministry urged Sweden to take the necessary action against the perpetrator, and asked all countries to take concrete steps against Islamophobia, reported Bisnis Indonesia.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the vile attack on our holy book,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

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“Permitting this anti-Islam act, which target Muslims and insult our sacred values, under the guise of freedom of expression is completely unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström said that Islamophobic provocations were appalling. “Sweden has far-reaching freedom of expression, but it does not imply that the Swedish government, or myself, support the opinions expressed,” wrote Tobias (@TobiasBillstrom) on Twitter. (at)